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About testa
Today’s women yearn to be unique and original: testa bags provide that special individuality. Founder Nicole Testa Boruchin creates each bag personally, so that every customer has a “one of a kind.”

testa bags made its official debut in 2001, but Nicole had been designing since 1997. “Growing up on the North Shore of Long Island, I was constantly creative,” she says. “Since childhood, I always wanted to make something myself, to create it with my own touch. I learned to sew; I built things, knitted, sketched, designed and naturally experimented with my wardrobe. It was such a part of me that I failed to see it as a choice, but just who I was!”

Nicole handcrafted some of her designs into bags and she started selling them at local craft shows. The response was so consistently positive that she knew it was time to pursue her dream of designing an entire line. Beginning in 2000, she published winter and summer catalogues and hosted several bag shows in each season, which generated even more interest, exposure and sales. Her website, www.testabags.com, has changed its look through time, and just keeps getting busier.

Nicole studied psychology at Skidmore College, got her degree in 1995, and moved directly into the private school classroom. While teaching first grade, she earned a master’s degree from Teacher’s College at Columbia University.

She now lives in North Stamford, Connecticut with her husband of eight years, Srael, and their two sons, Grady and Teo.

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