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NEW! The Dog Carrier.

After a Long Island Pet Shop requested a few, we decided small dog lovers need a testabag to tote their “babies” around! Our Dog Carrier comes complete with all the squeaks and barks, including mesh for ventilation, leash hook and removable cushion. Your dog can hang out in style; testabag style!

Clam Shell NEW!
Cosmetic Bag NEW!
An entirely different shape for testa, and still has amazing space, style and functionality. With its rounded body and “cinched” top, this bag can be loaded with all of your stuff! It also incorporates hardware and trim and with (no surprise!), vintage fabric. Our little Cosmetic Bags have always been offered as an optional, coordinating accessory to the Everything (Diaper) Bag. Now, they are in high demand on their own! In a perfect compact size with a nylon lining, you can fit all your cosmetics and zip it closed to throw into your newest testabag!

The Everything Bag (aka The Diaper Bag)
A new name for a classic testa bag. Do you ever find yourself with too much stuff to carry at once? The Everything Bag is an organized and very cool way to hold it all! The Everything Bag was originally The Diaper Bag, since it was perfectly designed for moms (see below!) Yet many customers, including mothers, have used theirs for so much more! Hence the name has gently evolved into The Everything Bag. Use it as a gym bag, beach bag, travel bag, diaper bag, or STUFF bag! See? An EVERYTHING BAG! These special bags are custom made. Contact Nicole so you can design this essential accessory together. Buy one as a treat for yourself or gift one to a friend!

A wipable lining throughout bag and pockets, a lining divider with snap closure to separate your things, two elastic top pockets for cell phone or water bottle, an outside pocket, two magnetic snaps to close, sturdy shoulder straps, a key ring, and gold or silver feet to help protect the bottom. *optional* A coordinating cosmetic bag that snaps inside

For Moms:
After my first son was born and many failed attempts with other bags, I created an ideal bag with all the conveniences a mom needs: a roomy bag with pockets. Done! It also makes a nice baby shower gift for a friend or family member!

The Yoga Bag


Go ahead, tell me that you don't need a better way to carry your mat to the gym? The Yoga Bag 'works it out.' A sleek, vertical bag that cinches closed and hangs right over your shoulder. Complete with two inside pockets (for cell phone or keys) and a fabric 'towel bar' to hang your towel or resistance bands.

A sleek, vertical bag that cinches closed and hangs right over your shoulder. Complete with an outside pocket, two inside pockets (for cell phone or keys), and a fabric “towel bar” to hang your towel or resistance bands.
* Large is represented in the above pics

( 7" x 28" for a snug fit to your mat)
L ( 14" x 28" with more room for additional workout essentials)

The Basket Bag

Here is another evolution of name for a classic testabag style(just like the Everything bag!). The Basket Bag is the everyday version of the Weekender. Designed as a carry-all, roomy bag, it is decorated with cording accents and a zipper closure. It’s great for everyday and your overnight (see below!)

One size (14"x4"x12")


Great for a night out! This petite, sleek bag is long and lean with zipper access so you can keep your evening essentials hidden. Designed to “clutch” or hold by a wrist strap.
S (12" x 5")    M (14" x 5")    L (16" x 5")

Bucket Bag (Now Available with Zippers)

The perfect fit all bag and testa’s most popular style. With three sizes and varying heights, this bag is very versatile.
S (13" x 10")    M (15" x 11")    L (17" X 13")

Rectangular Tote

True to it’s name, it’s rectangular shape make this bag an ideal carry-all for light books, files, and daily essentials. It is a shapely bag with a relaxed body and flexible sides.
S (13" x 5" x 10")    L (15" x 5" x 12")

Barrel Bag

This full body bag is has semi-circular sides and a zipper closure allowing it to slouch and relax “just right” and fits everything!
One Size (12" x 5")

The Weekender

An ideal shaped bag for your overnight, weekend, or day long beach days! Complete with a flexible, soft body, zipper closure, and long fabric straps.
S (20"x15")    L (28" x 15")

* Your testabag may have fabric straps or one of several funky handles (most represented on the site). Bags may have either strong snap closure or zipper. Bags stand on either gold or silver feet to help protect the bottom of your bag.



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