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A testa bag makes the perfect bridesmaids gift. If you want a funky, unique yet practical, personalized treat to thank your favorite friends, check this out!

Choices: Work with Nicole, the designer, to create individual bags to suit each girls style and taste or... order bags from the collection, and still give a one-of-a-kind (of course!) gift.

Ideas: A testa bag can be a high spirited, colorful accessory to your bridesmaids’ dresses or... it can be presented as a Loot Bag to hold other fun gift and they make a great thank you gift for mom (& mom-in-law!), make-up artist, attendant, or other special friends who helped make this the best day of your life.

Finally and I think “most importantly” a testa bag can be a honeymoon bag for you! And your fiancé should pick up the tab!

*There is a reduced rate for large group orders!

*Detailed Elegance adds “that extra touch of class” to your wedding... Talented make-up artists and party planners who can help complete your special day. Tell her that testa bags sent you!

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