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“I was photographed by a New York Times fashion photographer because of my testa bag!”
Melissa, New York City

"These bags were the perfect bridesmaids gifts. My girls loved them, especially how they were made just for them. I’ll tell all
my friends!"
Tracy, Chicago

“I love your new Barrel and Clutch bags, especially with the zipper. Great addition!”
Stephanie, Dallas, TX

“I LOVE my testa bag! You were right, I have the perfect bag…it’s so me.”
Luise, Great Neck, NY

“I first saw your bags on a brochure at work. I thought they were the coolest! I’m always in search of unique and amazing bag and I have never seen anything like the bags you carry.”
Angela, New Jersey

“I love the Diaper Bag my mother-in-law ordered for me. It’s more than a diaper bag, I use it for everything!”
Keri, Locust Valley, NY

In an email to friends and colleagues:
“As most of you know, the fun, funky and unique bags I carry are one-and-onlys from testa. Now is the time to get one of your own! Why put money towards a purse thousands of others have when you can have a fashionable bag screaming originality…that nobody else will be carrying? Come to show your support for this incredibly talented fashionista.”
Kelly, New York, NY

“I am so glad I trusted you to choose a bag for my girlfriend, you matched her perfectly. Thank you.”
Michael, Houston, TX

“This funky finds bag is something really special. I look forward to ordering another.”
Julie, Vancouver, Canada

“My fiancé loves her bag and can’t wait for to receive her next order.”
Brendan, Denver, CO

“I have been RAVING about your bags. They are so feminine, yet edge. It is very few people that can pull that design off, and you are certainly one of them. There are TONS of people THIRSTING for great bags, and girl- YOU GOT ‘EM!”
Emmy, Lexington, Kentucky

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